Subject:  The High Tree and the Root: A Beautiful Message from Bhau

Date: Wednesday, 30th March 2011

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

A meeting had been arranged in the U.S. for someone who had been staying here with Bhau at the Trust Compound.  The person wrote Bhau, asking, "What should I say about whatever happened to me during my presence there?"

In response, Bhau dictated the long email below, which was subsequently sent to that person.

The people sitting in the room when Bhau dictated the message were struck by its beauty and depth, and everyone wanted a copy.


Date: Friday, 25th March 2011

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

To my dearest,

I received your loving email dated 23rd March 2011, and whatever you have written shows what you think about Beloved Baba.  Thank you very much.

Generally, when you talk about me, you are permitted.

In what position, I am talking with others; I am telling you the secret.

I know that my Beloved is the High Tree, and I am just a root of that Big Tree.  I don't know when I will become the Tree, but I have become the root.  The Tree depends upon me, and I depend upon the Tree.

This is the important point to talk about me.  So please, remember this, and then you are free to talk about me.  Then, afterwards, whatever you want to say, on this basis you can say anything.

Yes, it is difficult to cross the boundary of the false self - very, very difficult.  But you have known the Tree and its root.  So even if you hold on to the root, you will go to the Tree.  That is the way you have chosen.  You do have not to think about it.  You have already caught hold of the root.  Now I am the only root left, and how fortunate you are that you caught hold of this root.  There is nothing to think about it.  Now you just remain attached to that root, and you will know.  One day, you will reach the Tree. 

And your work will be finished!

You will become the Tree. That is, you have to be born to know your Self, and you will know.  Your mission of life will be achieved, to become the Tree. And suppose you have to remain as Perfect Master, you have to take birth for that.  You have to take birth, be reborn.

That is your lifetime's work, and your lifetime's work will be finished.  You will not have any experience - the Beloved always keeps you in dark.  There you are – you don't know from beginning to end.  It's just as if you are in dark, and then immediately, you see the Light! 

That Light is so bright that if anyone could see it ...  But no!  No one can see it.  The person who experiences the Light - he does see it.

So how fortunate you are.

From that Original Whim - you reach that Manzil (the Palace of the King).  Only then you experience, because you see the Light.

What more?

I will tell you.

Now tell people whatever you like, but as you have asked me, I am telling you. I am the root of the Tree, and I am growing.  One day, I will become the Tree.  I will see the planes, one after another, but I will not tell anyone.  Really speaking, if I tell, nobody can believe it.  So why tell?

You have caught hold of the root, and you are going ahead. 

You will say, "I have held the root since when?  But I don't have any experience."

Yes, you will have no experience.  There is no here and there of Time.  As we are in the gross world, you will ask yourself, "When did I catch the root?"

You will also think, "How much time I have spent?"

But there is no time for you.

For humanity, there is time.  Everything comes for humanity.  Humanity talks about rishis [sages] and munis [ascetics].  If you go into that garbage, then, of course, it will take thousands and thousands of years to know God, or rather I should say, to know your Self. 

You have taken hold of the root, which is the direct route that takes you to God.

And then you will feel happy:  "Good that I did not see this side or that side.  I just held on to the root, and I reached the Destination."

So my dear, if you want to know what to tell people in the meeting, I say that you tell them that you don't have any other desire.  "I don't allow desires to come in my way.  I just hold the root in my hand, and I don't know where I am going."

This is the way, how you should go.

So please, give my love to all who come for the meeting and embrace everyone.

Jai Ho! Jai Ho!! Jai Ho!!! my dear.  Jai Ho yours!

May Baba help you to hold onto the root in both hands, because the root is not the root - it is the root of that Tree that takes everyone to the Palace of God.

Again Jai Ho! Jai Ho!! Jai Ho!! Jai Ho yours!

I am feeling your absence, but just see:  if you don't feel absence, have you left the Tree?


This is inner experience.  It makes the distance very, very short, and then ultimately, one day, there is only You.  Then "I" and "You" will not be there, only the big ONE.

Today, Hazrat Zaman-e-Pir [Rustom Falahati] has come into my room.  He is sitting before me, listening to what I am dictating, so I have to be very, very careful.

I can only say:  That big ONE.

Rustom asked me, "You are watching the big ONE?"

I say, "No, I am not watching.  You are Zaman-e-Pir, so you are continuously watching the big One.  I don't know what you must be thinking.  On any account, you want to jump into the Ocean that is there, and just become One with the Ocean, along with your ma'am [Meher Falahati (Baba's New Life Gift)]."

She is also very good.  She serves Zaman-e-Pir.  He is my inspiration.  He is here sitting in front of me, so all this I am doing this because of his inspiration.

With all love and Jai Baba to you, my dearest,

In His Love and Service,