Bhau's Message for Christmas 2009

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

O Beloved Zoroaster, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and Meher Baba!  Seven in One!

You are One.  But in every age, Your birthday is different, and according to the situation, Your work is different.  You are the only One who creates the Universe, takes care of the Universe and destroys the Universe.

What a play you are creating!  Nobody knows this, because past and future play their role to create mystery.  You annihilate the Universe, sometimes partially, sometimes fully, yet You remain One and the same all the time.  But people don't know this mystery.

In this age, as Meher Baba, You have revealed to us the mystery of where Jesus dropped His body, in Harvan, six miles from Srinagar, Kashmir, in India.  You went there in 1929 and found the place where, as Jesus, You had previously dropped Your body and where You had been buried in the mountain.  There You remained in seclusion for 40 days.  After You came out of seclusion, You declared, "When I was Jesus, I was buried here."

What a mystery it is!

You are the One Who creates mystery every time, and this mystery remains a mystery forever.  After You drop Your body, religion is created along with rituals and ceremonies.  People don't understand that the same One Who was Jesus, Zoroaster, Ram, Krishna, Buddha and Mohammed is now Meher Baba.  They do not accept that same One comes again and again in a cycle every 700 to 1,400 years.  They say, "We are followers of Jesus."  "We are followers of Ram."  "We are followers of Mohammed."  It goes on and on.

The same One comes and goes.  But where will He go?

What a mystery You have created!

We all should remember the fact that if we truly want to follow Jesus, it should not be with any distinction.  In fact, all are One, but One is One.  He remains in everyone, always Awake, while all others remain sleeping.

So my dearest Beloved Jesus, Victory to you!  Victory to you! Victory to you!  Who can imagine Your work, which is always universal?  Who will understand that You are One and the same?  You are as IS.  Though we are going towards You, we don't know yet that we create all these differences of religion, rituals and ceremonies.

One day, we will know You, because we have come in Creation in order to do this.  We have passed right from the gas stage, stone, metal, vegetable, worm, fish, bird, animal and now we are human beings, who always have gross consciousness.  A few of us become subtly conscious, mentally conscious, and then one day, our minds are annihilated.  After annihilation of mind, the first stage is Nirvana, and the second is Nirvikalp, that is, "I Am God."

We are merely drops, and after ages and ages, we become the Ocean.

Today is Christmas, and I feel happy that Beloved Avatar Meher Baba has revealed this secret.  So I am putting it before you to wholeheartedly enjoy a Merry Christmas, to forgo jealousy and hatred between one religion and another and also to forgo anger, lust, ego, greed, selfishness, etc., to have love for each other and God.  And then to happily say to one another, " Merry Christmas!  "

That is the true celebration of Christmas.  The Beloved has given His message to the world, but we forget it.  We must ask forgiveness for our ignorance and remain as One with everyone.  In fact, we are One, but mind creates all this dream.  We see the dream continuously and forget that we are always One.

Beloved Jesus Christ, please help us to be free from this ignorance so that we may proceed on our journey only towards You, not looking to this side or that side but instead forgetting the world.

Victory to You!  Victory to You!  Victory to You!  Beloved Jesus, Victory to You!

We know You are always victorious.  When You were crucified through our ignorance, we did not realize Who You were.  Certain people realized afterwards, and that is why they know about You.  They will always know, because You are the One Who is the Truth, Who is Love, Who is the Infinite Ocean.  You are Infinite always.

Victory to You!  Victory to You!  Victory to You!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you dear ones,

With all love and Jai Baba to you,

In His Love and Service,

Trust Office
King's Road
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra India

(Dictated Sunday, 13th December 2009)