(edited from Messages for AMB Bombay & Poona Centres)

Dictated 14th and 20th February, 2009

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

I am very, very happy to see that dear ones all over the world are busy with selfless service under Mastery in Servitude.  Your love towards the Beloved is increasing more and more and towards the world less and less.  You all are doing God work.  It is a great thing to serve the Beloved in a real sense, and I have no words to express my praise for your activities.

Every year, Baba lovers come to Meherabad from far-off places to jointly celebrate Beloved Baba's Birthday.  On Baba's Birthday itself, they perform a play, and it is always wonderful.  Previously, I would go to Meherabad to watch it.  But now I am old and cannot sit for long periods, and therefore I don't go.  Even if I attend, I don't go on stage to praise the activities of everyone, though inwardly I appreciate their love and efforts. 

Once, Allan created a play about Sai Baba for Baba's Birthday.  When Baba saw Sai Baba, he said "Parvardigar! Parvardigar!"  As I heard the third, "Parvardigar!" I fell unconscious and was immediately taken to the hospital.  Nowadays, because of my old age, these things happens. 

I remain busy with correspondence because of the Birthday activities all over the world.  Sometimes, it so happens, that even while I'm on my bed attached to an IV line, I dictate replies.

Previously, I had gone to Meherazad with my mothers, but I could not see Arnavaz.  I prayed to Baba, and my mothers sang beautiful prayers composed by Baba.  Then we returned to the Trust Office.

At Meherabad the next day, Arnavaz' body was placed near Baba's Chair in Mandali Hall.  I sat there for some time, appreciating how dear Baba lovers had come from many places to pay respect to her body..  After the prayers were performed and her body was lifted, I returned to the Trust Office to face a lot of work.

Arnavaz was one of the Mandali members who devoted her whole life to Baba's Cause.  After her husband, Nariman Dadachanji, died, she became a resident at Meherazad.  She performed her duty nicely.  The book she wrote, Gift of God, is really not a good book, but a God-book.  Her memory will always remain alive, and she herself will also remain alive for the world. 

Page 2  Message for Baba’s 115th Birthday from Bhau Kalchuri,  Bombay-Poona Centres


So for Beloved Baba's Birthday, I send the following message for His lovers:

The Ancient One has to come back again and again and appear on earth in man-form.  Though He is birthless and deathless, He is so duty-bound that He has to appear in bodily form to do His work in the world.  We cannot understand Him, but He knows that though we don't understand, He comes into our midst to bring this fact to light:

Victory to You, victory to You, victory to You, my Beloved! 

You are the only One.  You are victorious in making Creation know that whatever seems to be happening all over the world is the play of Illusion.  You make people know that Illusion is illusion, and Reality is Reality.

You should have knowledge of Reality, so that you may know that this Illusion is the shadow of the One Who is behind everyone.  Then you come to know Who you are.  This experience is for all, and the time is fixed for everyone.  Then everyone does not have a place; One has the place.  Everyone becomes the dream, the shadow.

This same Ancient One appeared as Zoroaster, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and ultimately as Meher Baba.  This time, the impact of His Manifestation will be felt in every country of the world.  That's why we see people from all countries who to work for Him coming to Meherabad.

Once, Beloved Baba took us to Upper Meherabad.  He was standing at a spot just above Panchvati Cave and said, "You see this area where the army was?  The army is still here, doing vehicle research. But this area will be full of Baba lovers!  All this surrounding area will be the living place for My lovers from different countries, of different colors and different of nationalities." 

How fortunate we all are that we are here in this era, where we have the great fortune to be close to Him.  According to His instruction, we are able to do anything we like under Mastery in Servitude.  Those who can devote time at Meherabad should devote it.  Those who cannot devote their time but want to have a job or want to do business, to do cultivation, whatever they want to do, they are allowed to do, but under Mastery in Servitude.  We all must not think, "We are just worldly people.  We cannot serve Him." 

If you follow His instructions, you can become spiritual.  You will be working for Him, and you will belong to Him." 


And therefore, I offer the following prayer to Him on your behalf:

Page 3  Message for Baba’s 115th Birthday from Bhau Kalchuri,  Bombay-Poona Centres


May you all celebrate Beloved Baba's Birthday and forget the world for at least these days.  This forgetfulness should be such that you work, yet still you forget.  That is true forgetfulness.  Try and try, and you will succeed.

May Beloved Baba bless you all with His love so that you know that births and deaths are merely a dream to get rid of the mind through Manonash and to know Who you are.  This boon He gives to everyone. 

Let us dedicate our life in His Love to the world, and make Mastery in Servitude our life motto, so that one day, we may achieve Manonash and become One with Him, Aham Brahmasmi.

Let us become the true slaves and always remain serving His Cause through the real mantra, Mastery in Servitude.

Let us have unity in our Centre, and through this unity, after Manonash, become One with Him.

So I should say, pranams to you all who are celebrating the birth of our Beloved!  Jai Ho, Jai Ho, Jai Ho!

With all love and Jai Baba to you all dear ones,

In His Love and Service,