V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau)

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba!


My dearest dear ones of Avatar Meher Baba, here before me and all over the world,

On behalf of the Trustees of Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust, Meherazad Mandali, and all the dear workers in the different departments of the Trust, I salute you 1,001 times with all love in the Name of the Beloved of all, Avatar Meher Baba.

I am really very, very happy to see physically present here, you who have come from all over the world.  Today is the Amartithi.  Sometimes you must wonder, "Why is the name Amartithi given for the day the Avatar of the Age, Meher Baba, dropped His physical body?"

Amartithi means the “Immortal Date." 

Though our Beloved disappeared physically on this most important day, He is always immortal.  Age after age, when ignorance reaches its zenith, He is required to take a physical body for the work of Creation.  But He is the One Who remains active, even after dropping His physical body.

And what does He do?

He takes away the obstructive impressions of all animate and inanimate forms and beings in the seven kingdoms of the gross sphere.  Though He drops His physical body, He works continuously in the gross, subtle and mental spheres.

Beloved Baba has declared that His Universal Manifestation will take place one hundred years after He drops His physical body.  He would always say, "You
and I are not 'we' but One."

Actually, in Reality, we ARE all One.  But the mind of each person is not the same.  The soul is One, but minds are innumerable.  And according to the mind,
everyone has a different face, and thus there are innumerable faces. 

But God is One, indivisible and eternal.


AMARTITHI MESSAGE 2008                                                                 Page 2
Bhau Kalchuri


From the stone form until coming into the form of a human being (which takes ages and ages), we go on collecting different sanskaras.  When we achieve human
form, we become conscious of the gross world.  Once we become human beings, our form is not changed, but again, it takes ages and ages for us to enter into the
subtle sphere.  In the gross sphere, our consciousness remains gross.  In the subtle sphere, consciousness becomes subtle.  Though we are still in human form, we
forget gross consciousness and remain conscious only of the subtle.  In the mental sphere, we remain mentally conscious, and we forget gross and subtle consciousness.

In the gross sphere, we are gross conscious.  We remain gross, with gross  impressions, and we are connected to time and space.

In the subtle sphere (which is within us, within everyone), we have subtle consciousness and are conscious of the subtle form (pran [energy]).  We no longer have gross impressions.  In the subtle world, there is no time or space.

In the mental sphere, we have mental impressions, and we remain conscious only of it, not the subtle or gross spheres.  In the mental sphere also there is neither time nor space.

But in all these spheres, duality remains.  And therefore, mind should be annihilated.  That is the aim of life. 

When we do cross the mental world, our minds are annihilated, and we achieve God-consciousness.  Only then do we experience God the Infinite.  We are free,
eternally free.  The goal of life is achieved, and we experience only infinite bliss, infinite power and infinite knowledge.

For this purpose, each drop of the Ocean has to become drop, that is, we have to come down to the gross form and then pass through the subtle and mental forms
until the mind is annihilated.

Then we do not remain 'we' but are One. 

There is One Whom we call the Avatar, the Prophet, the Christ, the Messiah, the Rasool or God.  He is the Ancient One, Who comes down upon the earth age after
age to wipe out the ignorance that hinders the progress of consciousness.  Though He is called by different names -- Zoroaster, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and in this age, Meher Baba -- He is One and the same Ancient One.


AMARTITHI MESSAGE                                                       Page 3
Bhau Kalchuri



Today is Amartithi, the Immortal Date.  And why is this day given that name?

So that we ourselves may have the longing to become immortal.

Know well, He is always present and that He is beyond past and future.  He IS. 

We, too, have also to become IS, and therefore, we must love, and love Him, and obey His Wish that He has expressed on 10th July 1958.  We must remain honest,
selfless, free from greed and selfishness.  We must live for Him and die for Him in His love.  

And therefore, we must bow down to Him and pray to Him:

O Beloved, keep our head always bowed down at Your feet, so that our mind may not work.  May we come closer and closer to You, and one day, experience this
Immortal Date.

With all love and Jai Baba to you, all dear ones. Please accept our 1,001 loving salutations, not only you who are here, but also those who are not present,
yet have the longing to come to Beloved Avatar Meher Baba's home.

In His Love and Service,


V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau)
Trust Office
Kings Road
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India
9 January 2008