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When I reread this message, I felt full of joy, as if Christmas were today.  Actually, Christmas is with us every moment, because the Lord lives with us.  But this mind is stupid.  Though He is always in us all, mind keeps us away from Him.  Manyness comes, and we remain bound, but we do not know this.  We can say in words, "We are all One."  But we do not feel that we are One, and we do not know that He is with us all the time.  This stupid mind keeps Him away from us.

He is indivisibly One, not two, but because of this stupidity, we always remain two.  It happens because of the mind.  Manyness comes, but even when it does, the Lord someday will bring Oneness. 

We shall experience it.

The message:

My dearest Brothers and Sisters,

This is the month of Christmas.  When I remember my Lord Jesus, I feel touched to see what my Lord passed through.  He had taken birth only to suffer and suffer and suffer, and ultimately, He was crucified.  Still, He lived for many years to help the universe.  His living after His crucifixion indicates that He is the Eternal One.  He is the Father, and He is the Son:  the Two exist Eternally.

He appears age after age on the Earth for His Universal Work, and He suffers infinitely throughout the time when we can see Him.  But His dropping of the body does not make Him leave.  He is still, and will always be, living.  Therefore, we must enjoy and enjoy that He is among us, and He does not leave us, even for a moment.  We must always say, "Happy and joyful Christmas to you all!"

Our joy and happiness is for the Lord, who came down to help us.

May Christmas bring joy and happiness of the highest type to everyone in the world, so that no one suffers.  It is the Lord Who is suffering, and this shows that we suffer because we are in Illusion.  But the Lord is the One Who suffers in order to make us free from suffering. 

How compassionate our Lord is!

He does not take birth, and He does not die; He is always with us.  In order to show us that we are in Illusion, the Lord comes down and gives us the joy to celebrate His Birthday.  And therefore, I offer this Christmas prayer:

"Victory to You, Lord!  Make us free from this Illusion in order to fulfill our enjoyment of Your true Birthday.  And may Your love, compassion, power and bliss make us joyful and most happy on Your True Birthday.  Victory to You Lord!  Victory to You, Victory to You!"

With all love and Jai Baba to you and my wishes to all you dear ones for a Joyful and Happy New Year,


In His Love and Service,



Trust Office
Kings Road Ahmednagar
Thursday, 11th December 2008


(Introduction from his email on Monday, 15th December 2008)