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SHRI V. S. KALCHURI                                                                                                                          



From Bhau Kalchuri

dictated 14 February 2008

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!


Beloved Baba would from time-to-time remind us:

God is infinite, and He has and is Infinite Power, Infinite Knowledge and Infinite Bliss.

He does not take birth, and He does not die.  He remains as God all the time.

He has no beginning and no end.  He is endless and eternal, and He is without a second.

God alone exists, and no one and nothing exists except God.  As God is, so also non-existence is.  It is the shadow of God, and whatever appears as existing is non-existence in existence.

There are seven shadows (kingdoms) of God in the gross sphere, four in the subtle sphere and two in the mental sphere.  But what are they?  How did these shadows come into the picture?

They came into the picture because of God's Whim, "Who am I?"

God in the Beyond-Beyond state did not know Himself when He got this Whim.  When it came, God had to discover Himself as to Whom He really was.  In order to do this, He had to pass through the seven kingdoms of the gross sphere, the four kingdoms of the subtle sphere and the two kingdoms of the mental sphere.

So God, as the Infinite Ocean, appears in an infinite number of divisions (or drops) as this Whim divides His Oneness into manyness in order to know "Who am I?"  This is the Dream (or Illusion). 

God always remains infinitely indivisible.  But until the mind is annihilated, and we come to know our Real State, we see innumerable manyness and find innumerable divisions in God in the form of the Dream.  But He is always One.



Message from Bhau Kalchuri for Meher Baba's 114th Birthday                        Page 2


The Ancient One is the first drop Who realized Himself as God and thus became responsible for Creation, which has no end.  How compassionate He is that He has taken upon Himself the responsibility for the care of the whole of Creation.  No one can take His place, and His Work is unending.

In every age, He takes form upon the earth, but this form is also in the Dream!  He is not actually the form.  But as we are dreaming, we cannot see the dream of Reality, unless we ourselves become Reality itself.

In one age, He is called "Messiah."  In another, He is called the "Avatar."  In still others, "Prophet or Rasool," etc.  He comes down upon the earth age after age to take Creation towards God.  Each time He comes down into Creation, His Name is different, the place where He comes is different, and His face is also different.  Because of these differences, in every age, people misunderstand Him.  But He is One and the same One, the Ancient One.

Actually, why is His face different each time He comes?

Because each time He comes, conditions in the world have changed, and the particulars of His Universal Work change accordingly.  He has yoga-yoga (Divine-Free) impressions for His Universal Work, not the binding impressions we have.  Our impressions bind us to Creation, while His impressions relieve Creation from its bindings.

Only He alone can give us the awareness to free us from our bindings.  That is why He comes down again and again. 

Avatar Meher Baba is the same One who has come down to awaken the world and show it the way towards God.  And because this is the end of cycle of cycles, His awakening will be throughout the whole world.

Today, we are celebrating His 114th Birthday. 

How fortunate are you who have come into His contact, you who love Him and obey His Wish to remain honest, sincere and loving and who long to love and love Him until you become One with Him.  You are really very fortunate and blessed, you who surrender at His feet and lead your lives in order to please Him in love through your sincerity and honesty.

Therefore, O Lord Meher Baba, allow us to love You as You ought to be loved and make us live our lives for You as they ought to be lived.

O Lord, make us Your true slaves so that we may love and love you without expecting anything of You.  If at all we have any expectation, let it be that we turn towards becoming One with You.

O Lord, make us surrender ourselves at Your feet.  May we bow down, bow down and bow down at them and not lift our heads from them until the time You give us a kick, and our false selves disappear.




Message from Bhau Kalchuri for Meher Baba's 114th Birthday                        Page 3


Jai Avatar Meher Baba!

May Your Birthday become the death day of our false selves.  Only then will we be able to understand why You appear to take birth and why You appear to die (though You are conscious of this Truth:  that You alone exist and that You don't take birth and don't die).  Your apparent birth and apparent death is for Your Universal Work.

You are duty-bound to take care of everything and everyone.  What duty You have undertaken, Lord!  It has become eternal, without any end and without any beginning.

Victory unto Thee!  Victory unto Thee!  Victory unto Thee, O Beloved Avatar Meher Baba!


In His Love and Service,



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