What message should I give to you about Lord Jesus?  We need His help all the time, and we always must seek His help to find Him in His true form.  He is just the same:  Zoroaster, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Prophet Mohammed, and now Meher Baba.  This is the end of the cycle of cycles, and Meher Baba is the last One of this cycle.  Now a new cycle will begin, after His Universal Manifestation.  The world will be awakened, and a new cycle will begin.

For Lord Jesus, whose birthday and New Year we are celebrating, I say –

May Beloved Lord Jesus help us all, so that we may forget the beginning and end of Creation and know our real state.

May He guide us at every step of our life towards Him.  May He keep our path clear so that we may proceed towards Him without any hindrance of the unwanted impressions which we create every day.

May the Lord give us inner strength so that we may become blind towards the Creation and see only Him and Him alone as infinite.

May He awaken us so that we may depend upon Him fully at our every step and take any step only according to His Divine Wish.

May the Lord give us that longing which may awaken us towards Him.  May we come to know that we never took birth and we never died, and the births and deaths which we have passed through were all mere illusion, the Dream.

May Lord Jesus make us His slave so that we may be free from anger, lust, temptation, greed, selfishness, and all desires and wants and so that we may lead our life for Him and remain awakened towards Him.

O Lord, listen to our prayers.  We are ignorant and you are the only One who can give us awakening.  Only You can make us free from ignorance.  You are the only One  who can make us free from all rituals, ceremonies, customs, and religious limits.  Only You can give us the awakening that we are all one and that one day, we must become One, and realize that from beginning to end, we were One, but because of the play of illusion, we were finding the divisions and were surrounded by hatred and all low desires.

May the Lord give us that awakening so that He may not suffer for us and may not become the prey of ignorance.  May the Lord be with us in such a way so that we may know that the Lord is with us and that we should follow His pleasure.

I pray to the Lord for you all - my mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.  Our Lord is One, and we should not make divisions because of the ignorance.  Everything happens according to Divine Plan, but everything does not happen according to His Divine Wish.   And therefore, we must follow His Divine Wish with all love, and not in a ritualistic way.

O Lord, I bow down to you in such a way that I should not lift my head from Your feet, but remain there until this mind goes away, and I forget all the differences and remain One with Beloved God.