Date:  8th January 2007

Delivered by Bhau on Wednesday, 31st January 2007
Beloved Baba's Samadhi
Samadhi Hill, Meherabad
Maharashtra, India

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

All dear ones of Beloved Avatar Meher Baba,

            On behalf of the Meherazad Mandali, the Trustees of the Board of Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust, Ahmednagar, and myself as Chairman, I feel extremely happy and joyful to welcome all you dear ones of the Beloved to the 38th Amartithi of Beloved Meher Baba, and bow down at His feet. 

            As a matter of fact, it is because of His pull that you all come here and try to get a drop from His Ocean.  But this drop itself is the Ocean and it will take you to merge with the Ocean.  No one knows that those who come to Him and start towards Him, they are the blessed ones.  Though they have not seen Him physically, He has seen everyone.  He sees everyone not as everyone, but as One, and He comes down age after age on earth in order to move the world towards Him. 

            Whatever we see, it is nothing but the shadow of the Truth.  Because of illusion, we don't think it is the shadow.  Mind itself is the shadow, and unless we are free from this limited mind, we cannot realize the Truth.  We come in creation in order to experience the Ocean as Ocean and the drops as drops. 

            We come down here in Creation in order to experience the Ocean, but because of illusion, we remain away from the Truth.  It is a mystery, but this mystery is also necessary, because we have to come from the unconscious to the conscious state of God, and that is the goal of life.

            How fortunate are those that have the inner pull towards the Ocean, though they are not yet experiencing the Ocean.  Therefore, you all dear ones come here to bow down to His feet.  You come here to bow down to Him, the One who is taking you towards the Ocean. 

            No one has any idea how much our Beloved Avatar Meher Baba is suffering and suffering.  Though He has dropped His physical body and He is free from physical suffering, He still has suffering of the subtle and mental.  When He is physically present, He suffers physically, subtly and mentally.  Now because He has dropped His physical body, He is not suffering physically, but mentally and subtly He still suffers.  This suffering will go on until His Universal Manifestation.  After His Universal Manifestation, He will take rest, but He will still pay attention towards those who follow Him.

            No one has any idea what will happen when He manifests universally.  In this age, His Universal Manifestation will be the greatest, and He will be recognized by people worldwide.  His Universal Push will be to the animate and inanimate both.  The consciousness will be free from those impressions which become obstructions for the progress of consciousness and which derived from the pull of the Whim, "Who Am I?"  

            This will go on for four to five hundred years, but once again, when people forget God, ignorance will grow and grow.  That is why He has to come down on earth after seven hundred to fourteen hundred years, and it goes on. 

            How blessed you are that you have come in His contact.  Not only have you come in His contact, but you also follow Him.  Know well that even if you don't have any thirst, if you bow down to Him in His tomb, He creates a little thirst to drink the water from the Ocean.  If you have more thirst, He gives you even more thirst to drink more and more water.  But if you don’t have any thirst, still He creates thirst.  How blessed you are,  that though you don't know who He is, still you remember Him, and you come here from time to time to bow down to His feet.  How blessed you are indeed.

            I feel very, very happy to salute your love for the Beloved.  Whether you want or you don't want, He will gradually and gradually bring you closer and closer to Him, because He is the Truth and all else is illusion.  He is not only the Truth, but He is the active Truth who remains always active within us.  Particularly at this time when He comes down on earth, He remains very, very active - infinitely active - and that is why He gives progress to the consciousness of every kingdom, animate and inanimate. 

            In fact, if you see in the Samadhi what message He has given, the message is "Mastery In Servitude."  He is the Master of serving the Creation, and He serves the Creation continuously without stopping even for a moment.  He only gets rest when Mahapralaya takes place. 

            Nobody has any idea when Mahapralaya took place the last time.  The scientists always think about the beginning of Creation and wrongly they take what has happened after the last Mahapralaya as the beginning.  It is impossible to understand the beginning of the Creation.  Nobody can understand it.  They have not yet found even the beginning which comes after Mahapralaya, and  it is quite impossible to know how many times Mahapralaya must have happened up until now, since the very beginning of Creation.  The scientists don't even know one Mahapralaya.  They don't know, because first the inanimate and then the animate kingdoms come into the Creation.  From one kingdom to another, it takes a very, very long time - beyond imagination.  So can the scientists even know the "beginning" of Creation after the last Mahapralaya? 

            How blessed we are that we have come in His contact, we follow Him, and we have faith in Him.  How many ages it must have taken!  Therefore blessed ones, know well that you are now on right path.  Even if you don't want it, He will take you to the right path and one day you will experience the Truth. 

            I feel happy to salute 101 times your love for the Beloved, which makes you follow Him in your day-to-day life, and which brings you here today to bow down at His feet. 

                                    AVATAR MEHER BABA KI JAI!

With all love and Jai Baba,    
In His love and Service,


                                                                        Bhau Kalchuri