To:  Lynwood Sawyer
By e-mail:  Lynwood Sawyer <>, <>
Date: Tuesday 20th February 2007

Subject: I am sending this Birthday Message for Beloved Baba's 113th Birthday.

Attached and below:  Baba's Birthday Message

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

My dearest Shiva,

I am sending this Birthday Message for Beloved Baba's 113th Birthday, and if you wish you may send it to others as soon as possible.  I know you are preparing yourself to come to Ahmednagar, but what to say?  My memory does not work, and just yesterday my Mother C reminded me and I was busy the whole day.  So today I am sending this message.  If you like it, you may send it.  And if you don't like it, don't send it!  This is quite new, and this message is without thinking.  Generally, I don't think when I write anything, because there is no memory.  What should I think? 

            With all love and Jai Baba to you, my dearest Shiva, Sri Sri Sri 1008 Sri Shivaji Maharaj and Shri Shri Shri Mother Manonash Qutub-e-Irshad, and also 101 loving salutations to her. 

                                                                                    In His Love and Service,





Tuesday 20th February 2007

            O Lord, Beloved Meher Baba, allow us to bow down at Your feet in such a way that our heads will remain bowed down at Your feet all the time, while working through deeds, thoughts and speech.  And then only we will be able to know the secret of Your coming age after age on this earth to help humanity. 

            How You have been suffering and suffering to bear the load of creation, and what a responsibility You have taken upon Yourself, which You cannot avoid even for a moment.  How compassionate You are that when You come down on earth in every age, You give a smile to the people and You suffer and suffer infinitely.  How infinitely great You are, our Compassionate Father!  Though all Your children are mischievous, still You work and work for them in order to make them free from illusory bindings.    No praise can be called as praise, even if we try to praise You, because what You do for the creation is beyond words.

            You have given God Speaks, which is a gift from You for all ages.  But this gift is such that unless we hear You speaking, we don't know what You speak. 

O Compassionate One, You have infinite attributes, and if we go on counting the attributes, we will never be able to count.  So please give us Your love, so that one day, we will be able to know who You are, and what is Your mission for the creation which is unending.

            We cannot give anything to You, because You are the Infinite Ocean, and a very active Ocean all the time.  So unless we as the drops of Your Ocean merge into the Ocean, how can we know that Infinity of Your Ocean? 

How can be celebrate Your birthday, as You are birthless and deathless? 

In order to celebrate, we must celebrate Your birthday with our hearts. 

What a mystery it is!  What a mystery it is that You come down on earth, age after age, to take Your mischievous children on Your lap.  So as Your birthday gift, we must try and try to dedicate our lives to serve Your Cause.  This is a real birthday celebration.  We just bow down at Your feet on Your birthday, knowing fully well that You are birthless and You are deathless.  You are the Eternal One. 


                                                                                    In His Love and Service,