Bhau's Message for Good Friday 2006

Thursday, 13th April, 2006

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

O Compassionate Lord!

You are infinite power, infinite knowledge and infinite bliss.  Why did You not use Your infinite power when You were crucified?

People ask that question, and in this age, You have given a definite and truthful reply:  that when You come down on earth, You do not use Your infinite power and Your infinite bliss during Your physical lifetime.  So what compassion You had that You did not use Your infinite power and infinite bliss during Your crucifixion.

O Love Incarnate!

You are eternally all-knowing.  You knew that people would crucify You.  So why did You not make provisions to collect your followers to protect You?

What an unimaginable answer You gave, my dearest Lord.  You are all-knowing, and You wanted to be crucified.  You welcomed it, knowing eternally that You are those who crucified You.  Only the five Perfect Masters know this secret.

O Lord!

Though You eternally enjoy infinite power, infinite knowledge and infinite bliss, why don't You use your infinite power and infinite bliss when You come down on Earth as the Christ, Avatar, Rasool, (Prophet).

As long as You are in physical form, You become everyone and everything.  You are in all levels of consciousness.  For humans, You are human.  For animals, You are animal.  For birds, You are bird.  For fish, You are fish.  For ants, You are ant.  For vegetables, You are vegetable.  For stones, You are stone, and for gases, You are gas. You become all these.  You come down to every level of consciousness, and this is the reason You do not use Your infinite power and infinite bliss for Your Universal Work.

After dropping Your physical form, You use Your infinite knowledge, power and bliss for Your Universal Work.  And then it takes one hundred years for Your Universal Manifestation.

Most Infinitely Simple Lord!

When You came down on Earth as Jesus, why did You take more than one hundred years for Your Universal Manifestation?

It took more than one hundred years because You did not die when You were crucified.  After three days, You rose up from the pit and came walking to India with Your apostles, Thomas and Bartholomew.  You walked to the places of Ram, Krishna, Buddha and all the sites of pilgrimage.  Afterwards, You went to Kashmir and lived in Harvan for some years.  Then You dropped Your physical body.  That's why it took more than one hundred years after the crucifixion for Your Universal Manifestation.

O Lord of Lords!

You were crucified on a Friday, and that Friday is called "Good Friday."  Why it that so?

It is called Good Friday because on that day victory was won over evil, and Your Universal Work began.  It was the day for humanity to realize Your compassion and love for everyone and everything in Creation.  You bear the burden of everyone and everything eternally.  And as You clear obstructions in the progress of consciousness on every level, You create awakening towards God in everyone and everything.

O Highest of the High, known throughout ages as the Ancient One!

You came down on earth as Zoroaster, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and finally as Meher Baba.  You are One and the same Ancient One.  There is no distinction in you as the Christ, Avatar, Rasool, (Prophet), but in their ignorance, people form religions.  Rituals and ceremonies are established, and differences are created.

How painful it must be for You!

You are the One and Only One, and You alone exist.  Nothing exists besides You, and whatever appears as existing exists in non-existence.

What a great Lord You are!

You were crucified on Friday, on the day now called Good Friday.  This shows You are the Greatest of the Great, the Highest of the High.  You require no adjectives because You are beyond everyone and everything, yet still You are in everyone and everything.

We bow down to Your compassion, O Lord!

Help our heads to remain bowed down at Your feet always, and help us to use our hearts, not our heads, in Your love.

With all love and Jai Baba to you,

In His love and service,