Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!


            Every year, as we enjoy New Year's Eve to the fullest extent, we all
enter the New Year on the 1st of January.  But no one pays attention
to what this New Year really means.

            The real New Year is that year which always remains as the New Year,
every moment, every hour, every day and every year, not attached to the
past or future.  This Year is always in the present.  Therefore, as we
enjoy our New Year celebrations, we must long for that New Year that
keeps us always in the present, and connects us to the Eternal Year,
which alone exists.  The past and the future are the signs of
Illusion -- they do not exist.  To wake up from the dream of Illusion
is the goal of life.  We must remain existing in Reality, which will
make us free from Illusion. 

            I wish you all a very happy and joyful New Year in Beloved Avatar
Meher Baba's love.  May He create the desire in us to long and long to
wake up from this dream of Illusion and recognize Him as the Reality.

            With all love and Jai Baba to you,

                                                                                    In His love and Service,


(Dictated in the Trust Office, Sunday, 19th December 2004.)