Dearest brothers and sisters in Beloved Avatar Meher Baba’s love,

          On behalf of the Meherazad Mandali and the Board of Trustees, I feel pleasure to welcome you all dear ones at His feet with a request:  As you have come here for attending the Amartithi Programme I feel very, very happy to express the voice of my heart to you that so long you are here please forget the family, forget the world and its affairs.  Concentrate on the Beloved Who is closer to you than your own breath.

          While working as volunteers remember this:  You are serving Him and you are not obliging anyone.  It is the duty, which you are doing for Him and how fortunate you are that you have got this opportunity to serve Him.

          Spiritual life is the life of self-effacement.  Every one is not “one” but “two.”  So long each one remains as “two” he or she cannot say, “We are all One.”  In order to become “One” the other one should not remain as shadow.  This shadow should not affect anyone; he or she should remain as Light.  For him or her there should be the knowledge, “I am the Light.”

          But how can we achieve this state of consciousness, which consciousness we have come into creation to achieve?  Beloved Baba has told us in very simple words, “We have come in creation in order to know ‘Who am I?’”  So, what is the answer to this question?  “I am God.”  The question appears too small but to find the real answer of this question it takes ages and ages and ages.  Eventually we get the real answer but to get the real answer of this small question, few are successful.  And still there is the whole world groping in Ignorance not knowing why we have come into creation.  The Ancient One, therefore, comes age after age to give awareness so that we may have longing to find out the real answer to this question, “Who am I?”

          How have you all come to attend this Amartithi Programme no one knows, but everyone feels that they should attend this occasion and bow down at the feet of the Beloved in His tomb.  How does this happen?  Because the awakening He has been giving makes us to come here on this auspicious day.  So we come. 

          When we bow down at His feet we don’t even know how to really bow down.  Real bowing down is such that when that once you bow down to Him you should not lift your head from His feet until that time when the mind is completely Empty.  Then we don’t remember that we had been bowing down to Him or that we have lifted our head from His feet because the mind, which gives the sense of “bowing down” or “lifting” will not exist. 

Now we have come to the door of the Beloved, and therefore, we should remain cautious that once we have bowed down at His feet with all love we should not lift our heads from His feet.  This is not to be taken literally but we should always remember that we should keep our heads bowed down at His feet and we can do this if we follow His Wish with honesty, sincerity and love in our actions.  Then, even if our heads are erect we are still bowing down.  This is Real Bowing Down and we keep our heads bowed down at His feet.

We will feel happy when we are keeping our heads bowed down at His feet because we are getting away from the “second one” who is in us and makes “One” as “two.”  This “second one” is really our enemy and we should not bow down to it.  That means we should not follow our desires, temptations and attractions.  We should just love the Beloved wholeheartedly with the determination that we should get rid of this “second one” (the false self) and we will go on doing so until we achieve the ultimate Goal of life, which is the Real Answer, “I am God.” 

The Beloved comes down on Earth age after age for this purpose, to awaken the humanity.  He is bound to the creation and though He comes down on Earth age after age, what does He do?  He suffers and suffers and suffers.  Nobody knows what the Beloved passes through for all of us.  No one has any idea.  When we see Him smiling, no one knows what is hidden behind that smile:  Infinite Suffering.  Only at the time of Jesus Christ did some people get to witness His suffering when He was crucified.  But nobody knows the suffering of Beloved Avatar Meher Baba.  How He was passing through Infinite Suffering, only those who were with Him (Mandali) witnessed an iota of His Infinite Suffering.  The whole world was sleeping. 

Now, as He has suffered for the whole world, the whole world will recognize Him after His Universal Manifestation.  This time His Universal Manifestation will be the greatest and that’s why during His physical lifetime the Beloved went around the world many times.  He did mast work; work with the lepers, the blind and poor, as He never did in His previous advents. 

This is the end of the Cycle of cycles and that’s why He has worked for a Worldwide Manifestation.  It has to happen.  At the present nobody realizes this though the number of His lovers goes on increasing day by day.  The world will realize His Worldwide Manifestation, so I need not say anything more because the people believe it when it happens.  I am just reminding you all dear ones of whatever the Beloved has said.

In comparison His lovers are a less number in the humanity, but the world will witness and it will repent that He was neglected by it when He was physically present on Earth.  This will open the way to awareness towards Him. 

I, therefore, salute your love for the Beloved and request you all to try and try and try to follow His Wish and today when you bow down at His feet remember that your bowing down at His feet is continuous, without a break, while following His Wish and seeking His pleasure.

With all love and Jai Baba to you all dear ones who have recognized Him now.  The world will recognize Him afterwards.  How fortunate you are that you have got the opportunity to turn in search of the Light from the pitch darkness of ignorance.

                                                          In His love and service,