2004 Christmas Message

Dictated by Bhau  Tuesday

7th December, 2004

Jehangir Hospital, Pune, India MS

            What fun the Illusion makes of everyone!  The things which do not exist, we think that they exist and so everyone remains attached with those things, forgetting God.

            This world and it's affairs are nothing but "zero into zero."  There are poor, sick, and those who suffer and suffer.  There are rich, and the rich also suffer.  It is not only the poor that suffer.  Why so?   It happens because we forget God and remain attached with worldly pleasure and happiness.

            The message that Lord Jesus gave at the time of His crucifixion is a great message, "Love them who are crucifying Me." And He gave the greatest Message of messages during His crucifixion, "Oh Father, forgive them all, for they know not what they are doing."

            If we try to put these words of the Lord into action then we really celebrate Christmas.  Otherwise, what is this celebration which has no effect on us?

            Therefore, let us bow down at the feet of the Lord and remain bowed down all the time.  Let us put His messages into action though love for Him.  If we do this, we celebrate Christmas in true sense.

            The Lord is great and He does not want anything from us, only our dedication to the words of Truth.  He wants us to remain dedicated to Him more and more so that our life puts these words of Truth into action. 

            Our bowed-down heads will gradually, gradually lift us and we will live the real celebration of Christmas and make it alive every day, every hour, and every moment. 

            May Lord Jesus give us this type of dedication so that we may forget this illusory world and whatever we do we should do for Him in order to please the Beloved.

            Victory to our Lord Jesus who was crucified for the humanity!  His Victory was the Victory of all victories! 

            May we remain dedicated to Him and may we put the words of Truth into action.  May we achieve self-effacement which is the goal of our lives.

                                                In His love & service,