Opening Remarks 31st January, 2004:

            I wanted to speak in English and Hindi, but here was no time.  And those who speak Hindi, they were just feeling bad that why did I not speak in Hindi?  So today, because I am taking the meaning of Amartithi, so it is the first thing and that is why I will speak in Hindi as well as English. 

            So now, Amartithi.  We come here to attend Amartithi every year, that every year we just say that this is 35th Amartithi, or 34th Amartithi.  But what is Amartithi?  Amartithi means “Immortal Date.”  So whether Baba achieved that Immortal Date, that day when He dropped His physical body?  No, He is immortal.  But why that date is given?  So that we can know the message of love which He has given.  So immortality, it is beyond beginning and beyond end.  So we are attached with beginning, and we have to reach the end of this beginning, and that question is how to reach the end?  Of course, it is His responsibility to come back again and again on earth so that when He comes back, then of course He gives that awareness so that we might know that we have to go beyond this beginning.  And when we go beyond the beginning that is the end, but that end which we reach, that is beginningless beginning, and endless end.  So that is why we have come. 

Everyone believes that God is indivisible.  God is One and there is nothing besides God.  So when there is nothing besides God, and God is indivisible, then Who must we be?  We must be the same One, but we forget, so when we come in Creation, that is the beginning.  So when we know the secret of Creation and reach the End, then of course that is Amartithi.  So Beloved Baba gave this message on that day that must go beyond this beginning, and we must reach the beginningless beginning, and endless end.  And that is Amartithi. 

So for us what is the message?  The message is just to love Him, and become beginningless.  We should not remain attached with the beginning.  And when we become beginningless, the end itself becomes endless.  And we know our self, that we become Endless and that is the meaning of Amartithi.  This word.  It is not that it has come without any meaning.  I would say that this word Beloved Baba has given. 

            During the first Amartithi, everyone was thinking that among the Mandali, what word we should give.  And then the word given was “First Anniversary.”  But then afterwards, all of a sudden it happened that I wrote one letter to someone, and I used that word Amartithi.  And as soon as others they heard, they said, “Oh, this is the proper word!”  So since then there is “Amartithi,” but this Amartithi is the most important date.  That is that date we have to find out when we become immortal.  And we will become immortal if we follow Him. 

What He has said, if we feel to follow His Wish, then one day definitely it will happen.  This is such an important time that He is doing everything for us.  Though we are very mischievous.  We don’t recognize that He is doing everything, and He is suffering more and more.  We have no idea about that, how He is suffering.  Baba has said that, “During My physical life I suffered physically, mentally, and spiritually.”  But now He has dropped His physical, and so He suffers mentally and spiritually for us all.  How you have come here?  It is not that you have come here.  He has brought.  He is doing that.  When He said that the world will come here one day, that is a definite thing.  His Universal Manifestation will be the greatest.  So it is not we just talk, or He has said something that has no meaning.  The whole world will get awareness one day. 

            Next time, if I have more time, I will explain more about Amartithi.  But just love.  You are the fortunate ones.  He is the Compassionate Father of everyone.  Whether he is a saint or he is a sinner, because He is in everyone.  Rather, He is everyone.  He has to take care.  So whatever He has said, just remember.  And don’t think that you have to sit in any place or close your eyes and say, “Meher Baba, Meher Baba.”  While going here and there doing work you just remember Him.  But do everything according to His Wish.  Do not just give energy to this false self.  This false self, it always deceives.  We feel that we are just Baba lovers, but the false self is such that it goes on deceiving.  “I know this, and I know that.”  Nobody knows anything.  Whatever you know, it is just nothing.  You have to forget that.  So the thing is, just remember Him. Whatever thoughts come, just forget about it.  I just give one example and that example is:

            It was in the year 1954, and in 1954 was the Declaration Meeting, and after that Baba just said that He would have to just discard the board.  He would be in seclusion, and three quarters of the world will be destroyed.  And those who had come would just go from place to place and say that three quarters of the world would be wiped out, and if you want to be in the one quarter, just follow Meher Baba.  Meher Baba never wanted that His lovers should feel fear about this.  He wanted that they should become strong within. 

            So our Hamirpur lovers, they were very simple, and Baba would love them very much. 

So they thought that, “Now, Baba is going into seclusion, and we are not allowed to write to Him, and not allowed to go and see Him for four and a half months.  So why should we not repeat God’s name for 24 hours, and this chain should be for four and a half months?”  And it was good that they sent that letter before Baba discarding the board, in 30th September because the meeting was there on 8th October Baba had to leave His alphabet board.  Before He went into seclusion, their letter came, and in their letter they had mentioned that, “Baba, You have asked us not to see You and not correspond with You, so what should we do?  So we thought that we must repeat Your name for 24 hours for four and a half months.” 

When that letter came Baba just said out to us, “See My lovers, what they are doing?  And you people?  You are lazy!  You also do this.”  We had no time to sit and repeat Gods name, but because Baba said, and Baba allocated the hours to us, we had to comply.  Eruch; one hour, Pendu; one hour, Vishnu; one hour, then of course, Gustadji; one hour, Baidul; twelve hours, Aloba; one hour, Bhau Kalchuri, also one hour.  24 hours were divided. 

But my time was exactly lunch time.  So I would leave the Mandali at that time, sit in a posture, close my eyes, and I would start repeating God’s name.  Not even half a second and the thought would come, “Food must be ready.”  Again, God’s name.  “They must have started eating.”  And again God’s name.  “Whether food would remain for me or not?”  And then thoughts that I had to do this, and I had to do that.  So many thoughts.  So I would just get very much disappointed every day. 

So one day when I was doing this and thoughts were coming, so I said in my mind that why should I not make it clear to Baba that He should just make me free of this because I cannot do it. When I repeat God’s name, more thoughts.  So I should just make it clear when I do it, that He should just exempt me from this.

            And when I was thinking this, Baba all alone came to my bungalow and knocked at my head.  And I opened eyes. 

And Baba says, “What are you thinking?” 

And I said, “Baba, please!  Exempt me from this repetition of God’s name.  I cannot do it.” 
And He said, “Why do you do it.” 

I said, “It is Your order.” 

“What order did I give?  I asked you to repeat God’s name.  I told you.  I did not ask you to stop your mind.  You do that and you are following My order.  Even if you are getting thoughts, because I have asked you to do it, you are doing it, so why worry?”

            And then Baba gave a very good simile, and what was that?  That when there are mosquitoes, what do you do?  At night you fix a mosquito net, and you remain inside the net.  And still you hear the buzzing sound of the mosquitoes.  But whether the mosquitoes can come and bite you.  No, because the mosquito net is there.  When you follow My order, know well, that around your heart that net of love it fixed.  So mind, mind with these thoughts and desires, you just hear the buzzing sound.  Don’t worry about that.  Just continue. 

            So the thing is that, when we are following His Wish, we should not think that, “I am just getting this thought and that thought.  I am very bad person.”  You are neither bad, nor good.  You are something else, but you make division that I get good thoughts, I get bad thoughts.  All the thoughts, they are thoughts, and they are all binding.  They are all like mosquitoes.  They bite us and we don’t know it.  So when bad thoughts, they bite, we just get alert.  Good thoughts we enjoy. 

Better not to worry.  Thoughts, they will come and they will go.  Don’t worry.  And this is the thing we have to do when you go there to the arti, and at that time we think that so many thoughts we get at this time. Of course, “When will it be over?  We have to go there and eat.”  So first thing our thoughts are concentrated on food.  It goes on.  It is not your weakness.  Don’t think that it is your weakness.  He has said do it and you are doing it.  Let the thoughts come and let them go.  Don’t worry about it.  And this is how we should follow Him.  Don’t think that you are bad or you are good.  You belong to the One Who is the Real One.  So just follow Him.  You are Real, and you have to become conscious of that Reality.  And that is our duty.   

In His love and service,




February 1st 2004, Closing Remarks: Track 3

I just want to say something though it is not necessary.  The time is not there, so I cut very short and I tell you only one incident and that incident is very, very important. It happened in December 1968 when Baba was already in seclusion. He would not attend correspondence and He had already sent a circular since the time that He had entered into seclusion in 1967. He would not attend correspondence and nobody should write to Him and nobody should expect any reply from Him. But Baba lovers would go from place to place and they would give the message for the people who would come in contact with Him and they would write letters. Once it so happened that for seven (7) days Baba was in very strict seclusion and after His seclusion work -no talk or anything.  And then on the 8th day I was expecting that Baba would ask me, because I have bundled up letters.  He looked at me and He said “I have headache and you reply.”

I was just thinking what kind of God He is?  His lovers are really so great, They don’t expect anything spiritual or material from Him, just to see Him, except that He should allow that they should see Him or if that is not possible a few loving words from Him. And He said “I have no time” and I went to night watch.

At the time Baba asked me, “How many letters did you reply to today?”

And I said “Not a single letter Baba.”

And He said “Why?”

And I said, “Where was the time? When You were in the Mandali Hall I was there with You and then You came back and I was there with you. I am following you, so there was no time.”

Baba said, “Yes, there was no time. But what were you thinking when I asked you to reply?”
And I was hesitating on how to say this, but He insisted.

And I said to Him, “Baba, the thought came in my mind.”

And He said, “What thought?”

I said, “Thought came in my mind.”

And he said, “What thought?”

I said, “It was just not good.  I thought what kind of God are you?  Your lovers are really great and they don’t expect anything material or spiritual from you. They want to have your darshan, and of course You are in seclusion. They write letters and they expect a few loving words from You. And You ask me to reply.”

And Baba said, “Yes, my lovers are really great. But what do you mean by this?  Do you think I don’t pay attention towards them?  If they come to Me, what will they see?  This physical body.”  The pounding of His thigh was the sign of His seclusion work. “The real thing I am giving them you will witness with your own eyes what will happen to them who have not seen Me yet.” 

And this is the Real Thing He has given.  And that real thing is working within.  The people are coming.  More and more people will come, and He has said that this time His manifestation will be the greatest.  The whole world will come to Me, and that is why, for the present you just see.  You just take darshan, but the time will come.  Then, of course, it is not possible.  But the time will come when the world will come.  There will be that time.

In His love and service,