2004 Amartithi Welcome Address

Our dear dearest ones of Beloved Avatar Meher Baba,

          On behalf of the Meherazad Mandali and the Board of Trustees of Avatar Meher Baba P.P.C. Trust I feel happy to welcome you all, and I salute your love for the Beloved which makes you come here to His home every year, and now you have come to attend the 35th Amartithi of the Beloved.  I feel compelled to salute your love for the Beloved.  He must be feeling very, very happy to see all, His children, here to receive His Secret Gift which He gives to all those who love Him, and even those who are only interested in Him, and also those who criticize Him, because He is our Compassionate Father, and everyone is His child, whether he is devoted, or mischievous, or a sinner. 

          How fortunate we are that He has brought us in His contact, but we don't know this secret.  He is very, very active; Infinitely Active, and He is touching heart after heart of His children, continuously without a rest. 

          The world situation is going from bad to worse, and it will go to worst!  No one has any idea about it.  There will be more and more suffering, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, fire, war, terrorism, to the highest extent, and there will be all sorts of chaos.  No one will know what to do and what not to do.  Then, at the end, scientists will get so tired that they will realize that they cannot do anything more, and that there is some greater power Who is controlling the universe.  This will be the time for His Universal Manifestation and He will be recognized all over the world. 

          Amartithi is the day when Beloved Baba released the arrow while suffering and suffering infinitely for the universe, and that arrow is touching heart after heart.  No one knows this secret and we observe how more and more people are coming to Him because they are touched by His arrow.  That arrow will touch all the hearts of the world because it is released for this purpose.  When it touches the heart, it touches in order to destroy the terrorist within everyone, which is the false self.  And therefore, the false self of everyone is creating trouble, which we find in the shape of different serious diseases, war, terrorism, and other disasters.  It has to happen, and it will happen, but it will end in peace, and the Beloved is working for that. 

          So dear Brothers and Sisters, have courage and derive strength in following His Wish, remembering Him wholeheartedly, and trying to please Him through your deeds, thoughts, and words.  He is the most Compassionate Father and He does not ignore anyone, but our false self makes us to ignore Him, and remain attached with the illusion which has no substance.

          I feel very, very happy to offer the following prayer for you all to our Beloved Avatar Meher Baba:

          May Beloved Baba bless us with His love so that we may long and long to bow down at His feet in such a way that we will not be able to lift our head from His feet, and feel and experience that He alone exists, and whatever appears as existing is nothing but the Shadow, which has no substance. 

This is the Essence of Amartithi.

                                                                   In His love and service,