Christmas Message 2003

FridayDecember 12, 2003

Merry Christmas to you all dear ones! 

            Christmas reminds us of the suffering of the Ancient One for the humanity.  The Ancient One, whenever He comes down on earth in human form, He suffers and suffers for the sake of humanity and He takes the burden of the ignorance of humanity and wipes it out in order to awaken the humanity.

            His work is even more than that.  He comes down when the evolution of consciousness gets stuck in the gross sphere. That is; from stone to human beings (stone, vegetable, worm, fish, birds, animal, and human).  In order to bring it back to normal process He has to suffer and suffer.  No one can understand this because His work is beyond understanding and imagination.  Only the perfect masters know His suffering.

            He is Infinite Bliss, but when He comes in man form he turns His body into ash by burning in the fire of suffering.  No one knows how He burns.

            Lord Jesus got crucified.  Why?  He gave life to the dead ones, He gave sight to the blind, and He got crucified.  Could He not save Himself?  But this is the glorification of the Savior.  He protects and He saves everyone and everything but His way of saving and protecting is different.  His protection is to protect from the wind of illusion.  He saves if anyone becomes the prey of the wind of illusion and actually everyone becomes the prey of illusion.  This is the reason He comes down on Earth age after age and lessens the force of the wind of illusion.  For that purpose He suffers and suffers to any extent unimaginable. 

            Lord Jesus got crucified and the people of the world remained indifferent towards Him.  They rather forgot Him, but what happened afterwards?  The Western world and also some parts of the Eastern world recognized Him, after 200 hundred years.  How did it happen?  It happened because He always Exists and though He was crucified He was active in wiping out the prints which the blowing of illusion had made in everything and everyone.  When it was done people became aware of Him and they recognized Him and started following Him.

            What a greatness the Lord has and what a compassion He showers.  Those who had opposed Him, the Compassionate One gave them Liberation.  Not only this, but He gave love to all and He has been giving love to all because He is love itself.  He cannot hate those who oppose Him because He is them.  It is impossible to understand Him.  One has to go beyond understanding and then feel Him and then become one with Him.  This is the secret of life which every one is searching for, whether one knows it or one does not know.  Everyone and everything is in creation in order to know this secret and faces the wind of illusion.  It is also a necessary evil because this evil becomes the medium to know and it takes a long time. 

            Therefore we must not think about the world but think about the Lord more and more.  We should not remain attached with the world but remain detached from the world and attached with the Lord.  We must not hate anyone but love anyone in order to please the Lord.  We must live more for the Lord and less and less for ourselves.  If we do that we will celebrate Christmas as the Lord Wishes.  Then the Joy of Christmas will always be with us because we live for the Lord and not for ourselves.

            To live like this is the real celebration of Christmas. 

            We celebrate Christmas every year at Meherazad and why do we celebrate?  Our celebration is in love and remembrance of the Lord, Who is now in this age, Avatar Meher Baba, the same One Who was Lord Jesus 2,004 years ago. 

            With this feeling I convey "Merry Christmas" to you all dear ones who are the children of the Beloved and also to those who do not recognize the Beloved.  But I feel this fact, that they are also His children because He alone exists and nothing exists besides Him and that which appears to exist is nothing but illusion.  He is the Eternal Existence. 

            So, my salutations to Lord Avatar Meher Baba Who was also Jesus Christ in previous advent, and "Merry Christmas" to you all dear ones. 

                                                                                    In His love and service,