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Beloved Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!

Young Adults Sahavas

Friday, March 07, 2003

Beloved Baba's dearest Young Adults,

            You will be very, very happy to know that as usual we are holding the Young Adults Sahavas from 25th June to 2nd July and we feel happy to invite you to take part in the Sahavas, and know how to use your talents in His love to serve His cause.  The Sahavas will be as usual in His home, Meherabad, and it is a very good opportunity for you dear ones to be here in His home, and spend time with Him so that He may guide you to know the Aim of Life.  And when you know the Aim of life you will find the Goal of Life in order to complete your journey in Illusion. 

            A day will come when the world will recognize our Beloved Avatar Meher Baba.  But how fortunate you are that you have recognized Him now, and you want to remain in His Sahavas in order to cross the journey of duality which is the Dream everyone is dreaming. 

            So dear ones, come here to remain in the Sahavas of the Beloved and eat that ice cream which may prove as the Seed of Love which He sows in every heart.  May Beloved Avatar Meher Baba give His love blessing to you so that you may long and long to wake up from the journey of the Dream, and remain here and now. 

                                                                                    In His love,