Welcome Address for Amartithi 2003

12 December, 2002

Our dearest dear ones of Beloved Avatar Meher Baba,

          On behalf of Meherazad mandali and the Board of Trustees of Avatar Meher Baba P.P.C. Trust, I feel very, very happy to welcome you all, the dear ones of the Beloved for the 34th Amartithi anniversary of Beloved Baba.  I feel very, very happy to see you all here to attend the various programs arranged for Amartithi. 

          Amartithi is a very special occasion when Beloved Baba becomes more and more active to serve the Wine from His Wine Shop, which He has opened on 31st January 1969.  Those who have come here today, He will not only serve the Wine but also create the thirst to drink it. 

          I remember one incident:

          When Padri, one of the mandali, was called at Meherazad from Meherabad, and Padri came to Meherazad on bicycle, 15 miles to Meherazad from Meherabad, he had back pain.  And therefore, he was sitting there at Meherazad in Mandali Hall taking support of the wall.  Baba started the talk on the 1969 Darshan Program.  He said, "The programs will be at Guruprasad Pune, and one day the pilgrims will come to Meherabad to take darshan of My Samadhi." 

          And He asked Padri, "What arrangement are you going to make for the pilgrims who will come from Guruprasad, Pune?"

          Padri said, "Baba, we are now old.  Please, close Your shop."

          Baba said, "What are you saying?  I have not yet opened the Shop and you are asking Me to close the Shop?  How can I close the Shop when I have not yet opened?"

          So, He has opened the Shop when He has completed His Universal Work on 31st January 1969.  Now, as the Shop is open, He is distributing the Wine to those who come here to drink the Wine.  This Shop will remain open for a very, very long time.  He will go on distributing the Wine to all those who will come here to drink. 

          It is not that He does not distribute the Wine to those who come at other times, but this is a very special occasion when He sees many of His lovers and feels very, very happy to just go on distributing the Wine; continuously, day and night. 

This distribution will go on and on because He has opened His Shop for this purpose.  The shop is Infinite, and therefore, it will be always full, and it will never become empty.  His dear ones have to keep their hearts open to receive as much Wine as they can drink and the Beloved will definitely give them more than they deserve!  He is the most Compassionate Father and we are His mischievous children.  There is only one way to lessen our mischief and that is the Wine. 

          And therefore, know well, to approach Him without any hesitation and ask wholeheartedly, "Oh Beloved, give me Your sweet Wine.  Create thirst in me so that I may drink more and more, so that I will be free from all mischief and surrender my life to You."

          The Beloved will be very, very happy to give each one more and more!

          Forget the world during the time you are here and just have the Beloved in your hearts.  Attend the programs in His remembrance and feel He alone Exists. 

          We salute your love for the Beloved Who is everything for us.  Whatever exists besides Him is nothing but illusion. 

          Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

        In His Love & Service