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  Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

  Dear friends and worldwide family of Beloved Baba and Bhauji,

  We send sincere apologies for the long gaps in information and will try to do better in the future.

  By Beloved Baba’s Grace, Bhauji has continued to make very good progress in recovering from his partial stroke on 5th January.  Dr. Anne, Dr. Gus, his family and  team are impressed, very pleased and grateful.  He continues to receive wonderful care from a big team of extra helpers day and night, with consultations and special supplements from doctors and other health practitioners here and in America.  Thank you all and all praise to Beloved Baba, from our hearts! 

  During Amartithi, Bhauji received a few scattered visitors who had come from far places and could not (and would not) leave without seeing him.  As we wrote previously, Bhauji participated with full attention and absorption in the Amartithi proceedings by watching the webcast in his room, missing even his bath and his naps to “be there.” 

  The renaissance seemed to be enhanced by visits from musicians and dancers in his room in the week after Amartithi.  The little chamber concerts were specially arranged for sweet healing, Baba’s love and time-pass.  Many thanks to dear Carol and John Gunn, Simon Reece and Carla de Souza, Viola Marks (Suspenders Sister), Sayeed and Tania Naderi, Behram and the Irani group, Kashmiri Walla Mushtaq, Ashok Ambulkar of Ahmednagar Centre, the Argentina group led by Gabriel and Daniel Bollini, and others for their beautiful offerings.   

  Bhauji’s first “longer talk” was in response to the passionate Baba songs of the Argentina lovers as they sat in a small circle around him with guitar, mandolin, flute and drum.  He told them, “I had heard there was such a group, and they sing...they sing….they sing…but I did not know it was such a one as this.  I am happy.  I am feeling touched.”  And about the three year-old boy, Dante, who played drums and sang along with them as he gazed wide-eyed at the many photos of Baba in the room, Bhau said, “Such a one, such a noble one.  You will see what he will become.”

  Another beautiful stimulus to recovery has been the tremendous outpouring of love from around the world in the form of greeting cards received by post, with photos, happy memories, and deep expressions of gratitude for Bhauji’s life of service and spreading Baba’s message of Love and Truth.  He has enjoyed hearing the cards read out, looking at the photos, smiling and nodding with recognition and making occasional comments.  He has read many of the cards (the ones with legible handwriting!) himself.

  In the last week, his appetite, sleep, vital signs and walking have all improved.  He has been greeting visitors and talking with small groups of pilgrims from Iran , India , Argentina , Mexico , USA , Canada , Kenya , Australia , Spain and Russia .  His talks and conversations are more distilled and economical than in previous times, but are very meaningful and profound for those present.  He gave lovely short messages for the Ajang family about Los Angeles (LA), and for close new lovers before their return to Shiraz .

  Today, a flavor of his old story-telling and teasing with a serious intent returned, as he told a new couple from Iran and Germany about Dowlat Singh and the New Life. 

  Much of pilgrim-visit time is filled with singing or poetry (especially in Farsi!) or jokes.  Baba’s presence is felt by all, and everyone remarks, “You look better than when I last saw you!” or “You are shining; you look good!” 

  We are doing our best to moderate the visiting so that he does not get too tired and suffer a relapse.  Yet he says, “This IS my rest.”

  He is still resting from full Trust work, but Trustees bring the most important matters before him, and he continues to guide them.

  Three days ago Bhauji surprised us by agreeing to walk down the steps outside his room (with support on both sides, of course) and a little distance, up to the back door of the Trust Office.  There he greeted his happy and surprised staff, who only a few minutes before had left his room at the close of their evening prayers and  the “5-7-11” mantra number question, a joyful and humorous current tradition.  [The number of spiritual kisses Bhau instructed them to give their wives on consecutive days to maximize marital harmony, ed.]

  The next day, he walked more distance, up to the gate of the open space which has been a “basketball court” for the grandsons in days gone by.  Yesterday, he walked even further, to gaze into the lovely parking lot of trucks next door - the place which becomes a Muslim prayer ground for thousands on festival days.

  We are all very encouraged and hopeful as each day unfolds, yet we’ll remain cautious and protect Bhau’s need to rest and to not overdo.  It is clear that it is not yet time to go for talks at Meherabad, or to resume the Internet chats or the full routine of correspondence, Trust work and visitors. 

  Also, he has been repeatedly saying since the last tour of the West that he cannot travel again.  What Baba has in store for His devoted servant, no one knows! 

  Thank you all for respecting the need for continued rest when it is required, and for all your loving prayers and good wishes. 

  Another update from Shiva ( Lynwood ), with photos, will follow soon!

  In Beloved Baba’s Love,

  Janice/Mother C. – for Bhauji’s team.