Subject:  Bhau Health Update

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Meher Nazar

Trust Compound

Sunday, 23rd January 2011


Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

Dear Baba family and friends worldwide,

We apologize for the long delay in communication. Bhauji is resting a great deal, and as a result, he is still slowly and steadily making progress in recovery from his partial stroke of 5 January, 2011. Some health details are given below, but this important announcement about Amartithi comes first.

It is with resignation to Baba's wish that we inform all that Bhauji will not be coming to Meherabad during Amartithi, nor will he be meeting pilgrims in the Trust Compound.  Doctors, family and team all agree that because of the over-stimulation, stress, and physical discomfort of Amartithi, any attendance at the Hill programme, at Samadhi, or at his "Cheap Organizer's" Office in Lower Meherabad would be too much for him. He has had a heart attack and stroke this year and such a strenuous effort could cause a relapse. For the same reasons, he will not be able to meet visitors at the Trust Compound during the Amartithi programme.

At the moment, Bhauji seems to be contented to hear the short reports of Amartithi activity which have come his way. We sense his confidence and faith in the magnificent work and selfless service of the Meherabad resident and volunteer teams, who have had such long experience in the preparation and running of the gathering under his over-all guidance as Chairman, and with Beloved Baba always in charge.

Regarding Bhauji's health: Dr. Gus and Dr. Anne have been impressed by his rate of recovery. For some days he has been able to walk 7 or 8 steps from his wheelchair to his bed, with support on both sides as usual. His right leg is stronger, and he can stand without apparent difficulty for several minutes. He is also able to walk a few steps, with help, from his wheelchair to his bath chair, and do some arm and foot exercises while seated. He uses both hands and arms very well and can eat by himself, hold and read the many loving cards with photos that have been sent, and sign his name beautifully! as he did on the copies of the 2011 Amartithi Message (compiled from his messages from 2002 to 2010) to be read out by a Trustee on 31 January before the silence.

He is taking long naps in the day but is spending many hours also sitting in his wheelchair, getting massage, listening to letters and readings from Mehera Meher or Growing Up with God or "Bhau-less" internet chat transcripts, reading cards and looking at accompanying photos, hearing Rama's bhajans and ghazals which she comes to sing most evenings, having short talks in Hindi with Mehernath, Sheela, Raj, Zubin or office staff, and happily communing with Baba's photos on the walls of his room, or Baba in his heart, in silence. The office staff still comes each day at quarter to six p.m. to recite prayers from all different religions and to lightheartedly report the day's number in the "5-7-11" mantra rotation! He has yet to show any inclination to go outside, though we have rehearsed the wheelchair-carry (too narrow for a ramp) for the time he is ready to see the sun.

Bhau's words and speech are very clear, by His Grace, though Hindi words often spring up first. However, he is keeping much silence and seems very contented and happy with Baba, even blissful at times. When he does talk, it is usually in response to questions and very brief. But occasionally he volunteers very economical and distilled sentences which resonate with awareness, significance or his unique wit.

Looking at someone's T-shirt which said "Live Simply," he read it out loud, and added, repeating three times, "Don't expect anything from the Beloved."

Studying a funny photo-birthday card from Jeff and Cindy Lowe, showing their faces PhotoShopped onto Vietnamese costumes (with Cindy in Cossack-like hat), he said, "They look really….Russian!"

As several of the team members sat with him quietly, one remarked, "Like the scorpion in your night-watchman story: we are looking at you, and you are looking at us."

Bhauji smiled very sweetly and said, "We might bite each other," as we dissolved in laughter.

When asked, "Are you happy about this?" his reply was, "Nowadays I am happy all the time."

And when someone queried, "Will this be good?" his answer was, "Between good and bad, there is no difference."

Wonderful care has been given from the Meherabad medical team and other residents who have stepped up with love and dedication. Dr. Anne and Dr. Gus see him regularly, Shelley has come several times from Meherazad for physical therapy sessions and team training, and nurses Douglas Hare, Martin Herda, Laura Darnell, and Malinda McCullough have provided 24-hour nursing support to Bhauji and his grateful usual team.

By Baba's unfathomable design, Khanbahadur Munsiff aka Shaheen Khorsandi, Bhau's usual number one attendant, was forced to shift to Meherabad only a day or so after Bhauji's stroke, because he had contracted hepatitis, was very run down and was feared contagious! He has been diagnosed with hepatitis A, has been resting at the Meherabad Hospital and is much better now. Naturally he is anxious to return to duty, but Dr. Anne wants him to be fully strong and recovered before he comes back to the Trust Compound. In the meantime, wonderful night-time paired teams of Martin Herda (Divine Hitler) with Abbas Ki Ani, and Amir Hussein Bahreman with Bob Fredericks have done night-duty in his stead. Iraj Namiranian (from Seattle) has been attending every day, with one day relief from Jessie Massa. Mothers T (Toktam Abouzary), C (Janice Rieman) Joy (Chiana Cloudtree), P Squared (Joanna Tompkin) and temporary Trust Compound resident pilgrims Queen of Australia Katie Pye and "Maharani" Mitra Namiraninan round out the fortunate care team.

Thank you all for the loving birthday and get-well cards with photos which have been sent by hand or snail mail, thank you for forgiving our big delays in acknowledgements, thank you for not sending emails unless an emergency, thank you for your loving prayers and well-wishes through the inner net. Baba is shining like the sun through Bhauji! Don't worry, be happy.

In Beloved Baba's Love,

Mother C (Creator [Janice]) / Bhauji's Team