Subject:  A Loving Request and Suggestion from Bhau's Teams

Date:  Wednesday, 12th January 2011 (Bhau's Birthday Eve)


Please read carefully.

As all Bhau's dear ones know, he is recuperating from a stroke in addition to all his other health problems.  But even while he recovers, he remains concerned about all of Baba's dear ones. 

In the interest of his recuperation, his medical team insists that he not return to his crushing workload.  It is imperative that he NOT receive any phone calls or emails, etc. requiring his attention, and that all communication to him be via the silent Inner-Net connection of the heart.

But as there has been such a truly awesome outpouring of concern for Bhau, it seems unfair not to let the dear ones express their love to him in the Beloved, especially in light of the importance Bhau attaches to remembering the .  So Bhau's team of medical specialists and caregivers thought that a nice solution would be the one the Sufis employed in 2001, when Bhau was recuperating from his open heart surgery in Pune.

While he was in the hospital, the Sufis sent a box of beautiful cards to Bhau, each card with only a signature and at the most a simple sentence or two expressing only expressions of love and wishes for his speedy recover.  There were no questions.  No mention of personal problems or troubles or difficulties,

Then, when Bhau felt better, we showed him each card individually and read the few simple sentences aloud to him.  I'll always remember how the cards cheered him up tremendously, gave his ever-working mind something to occupy itself, and enabled him to remember the Sufi dear ones.  "What about this one, what about that one," he would ask as we showed the cards to him.

As was said, "Focusing one's mind and heart on Bhau and Baba through a card is a perfect channel for the loving concern being felt.  The box of cards from individual Sufis felt like one enormous heart, solidified in love for Bhau and Baba.  The love contained was palpable."

The team thought that simple get well cards would be a nice solution for both Bhau and all the people throughout the world who love him and are praying for his recovery.

If you would like to convey Bhau get well wishes or birthday greetings, send him a nice HARD COPY SNAILMAIL card.  NO E-CARDS OR EMAILS PLEASE!!!  Sign your name with at the most a sentence or two THAT WILL NEED NO RESPONSE from Bhau.

Also, as Bhau's circle of friends is so vast, and it is difficult to remember the faces of so many, if it all possible and convenient for you, please include a photograph (especially if you have one taken with Bhau), with your name and place and the approximate date the photo was taken on the back.

In the early years, Qawaali Singer John (Connor) used to photograph every person who visited Bhau.  It was such a good idea, but became impossible to keep up, and unfortunately, the practice fell by the wayside.

Recently, Bhau has been asking very pointedly to see pictures of people who participate in the chat, hence the introduction of the Skype portion.  This was the best solution we could come with, but if he sees your picture, he can remember you and associate a name with a face.

Then either give your card to a pilgrim coming to India to give to Bhau's team or mail it to:

Bhau Kalchuri


Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust

Post Bag 31,

King's Road

Ahmednagar, India

Bhau's teams are very grateful for your prayers and good wishes and  will continue to update you with Bhau's progress via email.