Subject:  Bhau Health Update

Date:  Friday, 7th January 2011

This just in from Mother C (Creator [Janice])


Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

Dear Beloved Meher Baba's worldwide family,

Bhauji, Beloved Baba's Mandali, our brother and dear friend, suffered a stroke early on Wednesday 4th January 2011. His right side was partially paralyzed and he had difficulty speaking.  By Beloved Baba's grace, he is already somewhat better.  He is now able to speak a few words and is moving with assistance.  There is hope of further recovery but he needs a great deal of rest.  He also has much weakness in his legs at the moment.  He is fully conscious and alert, occasionally smiling.  Generally speaking, he looks good. His famous and endearing self still shines through!

Dr. Anne and Dr. Gus, in consultation with other doctors and family, felt that he would get the best possible care and would be most comfortable at home, so he was not hospitalized.  He is resting and recuperating in his room/office at the Trust Compound.  He is being attended to by the medical team from Meherabad and Meherazad, his family and his team.

We regret that for the time being, Bhauji's Meher Pilgrim Center talks and Sunday Internet Chats are canceled.

Please help in his recovery by sending your loving wishes and prayers via the "INNER-NET," rather than by email or snail mail.

Also, he will not be able to have visitors for some time.

With much love in Beloved Baba,

Mother C - Janice/Bhauji's team