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Subject:  Valentine's Day 2011 Snapshots of Bhau

Date:  Monday, 14th February 2011 (Valentine's Day)

As a picture is worth 1,000 words, here are 5,000 words about Bhau's steady recovery.  (Although as people become more visual and less verbal, perhaps the exchange rate has gone up, and at 1,500 words per picture, the following snapshots might be 7,500 words).


To Bhau's obvious enjoyment, Mother C shows him a card and photo
from a dear one as Random (Brendan O'Houlihan) watches on.

A typical morning in Bhau's room
(l-r:  Kusum & Mokham Singh. Random, Dholakwalla (Walter Witkowski), Herman the German (Herman Loew), C of CPD (Emory Ayers), [?], Bhau
Bhau goes down the steps from his room for his afternoon walk.
(l-r:  Mother P Squared, Bhau, Mother Joy, Mother C)
Pooneh gives Bhau some Valentine's Day roses as Mother Joy watches on.