By V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau)

Chairman, Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust

31 January, 2011   Meherabad Hill

Our dearest dear ones of Beloved Avatar Meher Baba,

On behalf of the Trustees of the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust, the Meherazad Mandali, and all the volunteers, I feel very, very happy to welcome you to the 42nd Amartithi of Beloved Avatar Meher Baba.  Though I cannot be physically present today because of my health, I bow down to you all who have come to the door of the Beloved on this “Immortal Date.”  I salute your love for the Beloved, which brings you here to His home every year, and I also salute the love of those who were longing to come but could not.

He must be feeling very, very happy to see all His children who have come here to receive His secret Gift.  He gives this Gift to all those who love Him, to those who are only interested in Him, and even to those who criticize Him or oppose Him, because He is our Compassionate Father.  Everyone is His child, whether they are devoted, mischievous or a sinner. 

How fortunate and blessed we are that He has brought us into His contact, and that we have got the opportunity to turn from the darkness of ignorance, Maya, the shadow without substance, towards the Light of Truth!  

Though He dropped His physical body on 31st January, 1969, He remains very, very active, infinitely active – and continuously, without a rest.  This is the time when especially He is pouring out His Treasure!  He has opened His Wineshop, created the thirst and is distributing the Wine of His Love!

He is touching heart after heart of His children.  How have you come here?  Because of the arrow of His Love.  Amartithi is the day when Beloved Baba released the arrow while suffering and suffering infinitely for the universe, and that arrow is touching heart after heart.  No one knows this secret!  We observe how more and more people are coming to Him because they are touched by His arrow.  That arrow will touch all the hearts of the world because it is released for this purpose.  When it touches the heart, it does so in order to destroy the “terrorist” within everyone, which is the false self. 

It is the false self within everyone which is creating more and more trouble, in the shape of serious diseases, war, terrorism, and other disasters.  We are all brothers and sisters, children of the One Compassionate Father, but people create differences between religions and kill each other!  It has to happen, and it will happen, but it will end in peace, and the Beloved is working for that. 

The world situation is going from bad to worse, and it will go to the worst!  No one has any idea about it.  There will be more and more suffering, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, fires, environmental disasters, terrorism and wars to the highest extent.  There will be all sorts of chaos.  No one will know what to do and what not to do.  Then at the end, scientists will realize that they can do nothing more, that there is some greater power Who is controlling the universe.  The priests will feel that the rivers of religion with their ceremonies, rituals and traditions have run dry.  This will be the time for His Universal Manifestation, and He will be recognized all over the world.

He was Zoroaster, He was Rama, He was Krishna, He was Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed, and in this age He is Meher Baba!  He is the same Ancient One, the Christ, Prophet, Rasool, the Avatar, whom the five Perfect Masters bring down to earth age after age.  He comes to give a Universal Push to all the kingdoms of Creation, inanimate and animate, and to awaken humanity to Truth through His Infinite Love.  On His Samadhi it is written, “Mastery in Servitude,” and on this sacred day, you bow down to the One Who is serving all of Creation all of the time.

This is the end of the Cycle of Cycles and His Manifestation, which occurs within 100 years after He drops the body, will be the greatest.  This is the reason that during His physical lifetime, the Beloved went around the world many times meeting the people; He did mast work, work with the lepers, the mad, the blind and the poor, as He never did in previous Advents.  The world will witness His Manifestation and will repent that the Beloved was neglected by it when He was physically present on earth.  This will open the way to awareness of Him.

So dearest Brothers and Sisters, have courage and derive strength in following His Wish, remembering Him wholeheartedly, and trying to please Him through your deeds, thoughts, and words…through love, honesty and service.  During this time you are here in His Meherabad, forget the world and its affairs, and concentrate on the Beloved, who is closer to you than your own breath.

I feel very, very happy to offer the following prayer for you all, to our Beloved Avatar Meher Baba:

O Beloved Avatar Meher Baba, make us realize the importance of Amartithi in our lives, so that we may have the longing to become free from the bindings of desires and wants and to kiss Eternity.  Make us forget the past and future so that we may be established in the everlasting Eternal Present, the Today which has no tomorrow and no yesterday and is always Today.

O Beloved, make us bow down our head on Your feet in such a way

that we may not lift it, until that time it becomes an empty cell filled with the fire of love!   May we experience the Eternal Date and become One with Him:  “So Hum,” “I AM.”

O Lord, make us footless and headless, so that we may become established in this Eternal Date, and sing your original Song continuously without a break.

O Highest of the High, create such love in us all that we may crush our false self with every step, and follow You and You alone.  You are Reality and You alone exist! 

O dearest Beloved Meher Baba, please forgive us all our weaknesses and bestow your Love on us. 

Jai Ho! Jai Ho!! Jai Ho!!! 

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

With all Love and Jai Baba,

                                                In His Love and Service,

                                                V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau)