Please note that the translation will be a machine translation and will lack some of the beauty and grace that a human translator would provide but should give a general idea of the essence of the message.

Bhau's Awakenings Now Available

The Awakenings of Bhau Kalchuri from Beloved Avatar Meher Baba

By Bhau Kalchuri

With 9 full color illustrations

429 pages, Hardbound

Published by Meher Nazar

Rs. 700

Note:  This book will be on sale at the Meher Nazar stall at Meherabad during Beloved Baba’s 42nd Amartithi Celebrations.  Afterwards, the book will be available at the Meher Nazar Bookstore in the Trust Compound.


In 2001, Bhau underwent a triple coronary bypass operation.  After an initial upbeat recovery, his spirits plummeted into the very deepest abyss.  But one night, Meher Baba came to him in an visit Bhau later termed an “Awakening.”  Once again, Bhau’s spirits joyously soared.

Although these Awakenings generally occurred at night, they were neither dreams nor hallucinations and were far more vivid than either.  They occurred during a limited time span of approximately one year, and in beautiful, flowing language, recapitulated and expanded upon aspects of the spiritual path, Meher Baba’s message and His Manifestation, the rigorous life lived by His Mandali and further insights into Meher Baba’s New Life.

In perhaps the most major Awakening, “Yad Rakh [‘Remember This]”, Meher Baba reminded Bhau, I Am Not This Body.

Very soon after, these Awakenings ceased.

85 of these Awakenings, including a transcript of an actual Awakening in progress (excerpt below), have now been collected in a beautiful 429 page volume, with several Awakenings lovingly illustrated by the art of dear ones.

Below is an excerpt from an Awakening in progress (transcribed directly by Freeman):


I don’t know how I am dictating this Awakening.  I am blank, and the voice in me is in my heart, and I am interpreting this.  There is nothing for me besides the voice.  Very silent … but what a beautiful voice it is!  I am fully absorbed in this voice, and I don’t know who am I and what I am doing.  How to describe this voice?

It cannot be imagined.

Jai Beloved Baba!  If You have the voice in my heart, I will have nothing to do with the world!  I will deal with You all the time and forget this world which does not exist!

What a bliss this is when I hear this voice.  It keeps me away from Illusion.  I hear only Your voice and remain absorbed, and the world does not remain there.  Only You and not the world.  How I am caught up in the world I don’t know.  How I got this ignorance?

I don’t know how I am passing through this ignorance.